About Me

Arthur Diniz

I am a DevOps/SRE Engineer with website and android development, automation Ops and writing scripts experience.

My Career


Design and implement API Gateway solutions/platforms using Kong, Terragrunt, and Terraform. Improve DevOps automation (deployment and releases) with Chef, Jenkins, and GitLab CI/CD. Ensure performance, stability, scalability, and security of microservices inside the AWS cloud. Migration of legacy platforms to containers using Docker. Monitor platform using Airflow, and Databricks to analyze logs and metrics."

Nov. 2021 - Present
Senior SRE/DevOps Engineer

DNX Solutions

Building, improving terraform modules and testing them on AWS. Architect AWS-based Kubernetes solution using terraform. Develop an internal Python CLI tool to control and automate tasks.

Fev. 2020 - Nov. 2021
DevOps Engineer

LAPPIS Infrastructure

Network structure and firewall manager, using structured cabling, Cat6 cables, OPNsense and OpenVPN. Incorporation of Kubernetes as main container orchestrator along with Traefik and MetalLB tools.

Oct. 2018 - Nov. 2019
Infrastructure Engineer Internship


Android app to control vehicles and drivers of the company, using continuous deploy pipeline and continuous integration. Build in Ruby on Rails an API to communicate with the App. Implemented dashboard in vue.js for viewing real-time data.

Aug. 2018 - May. 2019
Full Stack Developer

Wave Pagamentos

Maintain in java, Android app that communicates with an API. Refined visual part and user experience and run usability tests to ensure quality. Worked on communication and efficiency with external devices such as printer and card machine.

Mar. 2018 - Jun. 2018
Android Developer

LAPPIS Pushing Together (Empurrando Juntos)

A platform for digital social participation that seeks to enhance the dynamics of interaction in democratic debate environments. In this context, the main objective was the research and development of software innovations that articulate machine learning technologies, gamification and interfaces (UX) aimed at participation in scale with safeguards against the phenomena of opinion bubbles and manipulation in media environments social policies. In addition, it is the objective of this Project to create conditions for the complete technopolitical appropriation of the Secretariat based on the innovative articulation of agile development methodologies that allow the participation of the institution's managers and members of the free software communities worked on the Project.

Mar. 2018 - Sep. 2018
Researcher and Front-end Developer

LAPPIS Noosfero

Maintain a free software web-based platform for social and solidarity economy networks, noosfero. Improved performance from the old UI on Noosfero, using cache and turning into a responsive web app.

Jun. 2017 - Feb. 2018
Software Engineering Internship

Trezentos Methodology

The Trezentos methodology, created in mid-2013, is based on active and collaborative learning and his academic experience has shown that the passing rate has improved from 50 to 95% in a discipline in the basic engineering cycle, and it was possible to student with a learning disability. With these assertions in mind, the Trezentos mobile project aims to facilitate the application of the method of the same name, as well as facilitate access to information about it.

Mar. 2017 - Jun. 2017
Full Stack Developer and Researcher

My Skills

My Projects


Extends GitHub Action UI replacing plain text input fields to the dropdown.

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Template repo showing how to use Kong Ingress Controller inside a Kubernetes cluster.

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